Косплей: Legend of Chusen - китаяночка, - Animemaga

The Pictures Of Animosity Cosmelt

A number of fans of the big-eyed characters of the Japanese mulphilms are filled every day. New fan clubs are being built, costume parties are being organized. The wave of the animal stained Ukrainian. So what's the way people go into the world of mysterious Japanese animation?

Animé is Japanese paintings (decrease from English "animation " ). It's not that simple. Every picture of the animos is created manually, paints the footage behind the frame. The diversity of the genres is striking: Cyber Panc, Fentesy, space opera, fabulous melodrama... There are also exclusively Japanese genres: " Meha " - the wars of giant robots (Macrouss film, which was on our screens called " Robotek " ), " Spentai " - films of battles (Momotaro - Marine Eagle " ), girls of magic (Seylonmun, South Revolutionary and Uten). Signing with animals can begin with Evangelion and the Leads of Tema, and the Princess Mononoke, the Ghosts, Akira, the Memories, the Vampire of Di are interested in the full pictures.
The Japanese are all hands of the master. That's why they succeeded in creating comics. The Japanese comedians are called " Manga " and are printed in magazines with their own " follow-up " . Manga is a quarter of all Japanese printed products. The age of her readers is not limited, from babies to older persons. Amateur mangu can find a special comic market, a comedian where his creation can sell even a teenager.
It may be read as follows: “X-1999”, “Angel Sanctuary”, “The Slayers”.
Address of the Animal and Mangie Shinseiki no hoshi: 04211, Mr. Kiev-211, a/i 137 shinseikinohoshi@ukr.net

Interesting facts about anim:
The size of the eyes of the heroes indicates the age (there are more children than adults). The Japanese have eyes, it's a soul mirror. But in the late animosity, especially for director Hayao Miyazaki, the eyes of the characters are almost European;
The mystique in the anim is present because the Japanese still believe in the spirits;

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