Code Geass Cosplay

Photo Of Animosity

It's a match for images presented in the photo.

Attention! If the competition recruits less than five jobs, it may be combined with a neighbouring category to consult the selection committee.

Only 1 application from 1 author is admissible.


♪ Animé photocosple is a competition designed to determine the best display of animosity or manga through photographic art.

• Chibi photocosple is a competition designed to determine the best disclosure by a cosple who is under 9 years of age by photograph.

• Game photocosple is a competition that aims to define the best display of virtual games by photograph.

• Asia photocosple is a competition designed to determine the best display of popular East Asian artists and styles (Lolita) by photograph.

• Oridinal/Fandom Fondokosple is a competition designed to determine the best possible disclosure by a cosperer of a character from any other fandom or copy form through a photograph.

Financial conditions:

350 roubles per day, regardless of the number of work involved in the festival programme.

Conditions of Partiality:

♪ Applications shall be accepted before and including 14 April. All applications submitted subsequently will not be considered.

♪ Only work that has not previously been shown in any festival, including online festivals and LPG fantasy battles, regardless of the scope and subject matter of the event, may participate in the competition.

♪ Work in its content should not be contrary to the law of the Russian Federation

The application shall be subject to only 1 slash in the nomination form from 1 group (spool + photographer). In general, there are no more than three applications (one for different nominations). Asia, Game - different nominations of the competition

♪ The competition does not allow photographs with clear indications of the strong use of graphic editors (addition of fire in the hands, light, strong correlation of the figure... et cetera). Low photo returing is allowed.

♪ Applications from the creativity (photograph + cospleter or cospleter) are accepted for the photocopying competition.

♪ No more than three photographs in each application shall be taken from one team (photograph + cospleer).