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Фото: ABACA⁄VOSTOCK PhotoIn 30 years, various items worth $11 billion were sold under the Star War mark. Only seven years after the first episode of the George Lucas film scene, more than 300 million copies of the star heroes were released.

This week, the seventh episode of the Star Wars comes out. The continuation of George Lucas ' s cult swords has been waiting 10 years for fans, which is how long it has been since the last film of the second trilogy, The City Mestikhov. However, it cannot be said that 10 years for franchise have gone wrong. Between films, the universeStar Wars" A series of computer games and books were added.

Фото: ShutterstockThe Star Wars brand is one of the most expensive in Hollywood. Born in the '70s of the twentieth century, this fantastic saga changed the idea of how to look commercialized. The movies of the series are in the fifth most profitable film franchise in the world. However, the proceeds of films are only a small part of the sag owners' earnings. Profile has studied what the Star Wars fanatic fanatic can spend money on.

Star profits

Фото: Newcom Image⁄Vostock PhotoIn 1974, George Lucas, inspired by the Samurai films of Akira Kurosawa (with samurai written off by the Jedi Orders) and the Hollywood space operas, started developing his own fantastic universe. The first part of the new films, Episode IV: New Hope, came out in 1977. For its time, the film was the best technological innovation, as well as one of the most profitable. With only $11 million, he brought $337 million to makers at the movie stage.

The first part of the Star Wars has received seven Auscar awards, most of which are technically nominated. Lucas has always paid special attention to the special effects of their films and made many technical changes to the pictures already available. Star Wars were no exception. None of the episodes survived a single editorial. The individual details of each painting were redesigned, special effects were processed. All franchise films were reprinted on new launchers: DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS. The Wall Street Journal estimates that the return of Star Wars to DVD alone reached $3 billion by early 2015.