Косплей дота 2. (40 фото) Подборка лучшего

2 Girls

We decided to go to the world of a crucifix to understand why it attracts young people so much, and what other than computer games is his fans. Hyde on this sub-culture has agreed to be the most famous cosplex and Kibersportsman of Kazakhstan, Aiger Dunamis.

Space-people intersecting every day between virtual and real worlds. They dedicated their lives to inspiring characters of computer games, films, comics, TVs, multfilms, anims, etc., even when the cosples invented images (they are called ordinal), self-promoted suits and converted into favorite heroes.

In developing the images of cosples, the flourish of creativity is also tested, trying to get as close as possible to the original, in competitions and festivals. Cosple's moving. It's like a costume game. It doesn't matter if you sew a man's suit on your own, or you ordered it in a hotel, the whole thing to do with a game before the public image of his character. The most respectful are those cosples who sew the suit and the attribute themselves and present it in public.

Still, not everyone gets the same good and sewn and play the image. That's why you have to use not every privilege sometimes.

Igera Dunamis, like most of the people involved in the cospit, came to him through computer games. In 2009, as a schoolgirl, Iger Dunamis first came to a computer club. Since then, her life has been given a monotony schedule: " School of Drucchi Dota School " . Later, the gay girl will find out about the cosle. That's how a new chapter in her life opened up.

Today, Igera, the most famous cosperer of Kazakhstan, is invited to demonstrate the images that have been created in the cities of Kazakhstan and the CIS (now Aiger Dunamis is participating in the Continental League from Riot Games in Moscow as one of the cospples who won the competition). Cybersportsman and just a beautiful girl, exclusive for the readers of iStory.kz Iger Dunamis tells his story of success and reveals some secrets to the cosmell.