Ayato And Yuuu Knot

School. Last lesson.

Yui was going to Sakamaki, but Amy stopped her.

♪ Yui-chan! Do you know what a cultural festival wants at school?
♪ Cultural festival?
♪ Yes! The idea of our class is a café.
- The cafe?
♪ Yui, why are you so weird today?
♪ No, nothing. Just a little tired. So, what's with the cospipe?
♪ All the girls thought the café would represent the boys in maid suits.
♪ Wow, how did the guys agree?
♪ They don't know that yet. Can you help us with the suits?
♪ Yes, I would love to!
- Cool. Great. Thank you, Yui-chan! See you tomorrow.
♪ Bye, Amy-chan!

Saying goodbye, Yui went to the gates of school where evil Sakamaki had already been waiting for a white girl.

Sakamaki's boy.

When they came home, everyone started dinner. When I was in the dining room, Yui asked Ayato and Kanato:

♪ Ayato, Kanato, you don't want to work for us. Caféthat we want to make for a cultural festival.
♪ Um, what's the idea of a cafe?
♪ The maids!
Surprised, Ayato jumped and responded quickly:
♪ Um, I'll be responsible for the posters. - By turning Ayato off.
- I'm sorry. Canato help?
♪ I'm not interested. I won't be involved in preparations. Teddy and I will have fun at the festival.
♪ Okay, you don't want to get in your way, you don't want to give up women's attention, I won't.Oh, Yui, how much you don't know." .

After dinner, everyone's gone to their rooms, 'cause tomorrow's the prep for the festival.


All the students at school were busy preparing for the festival. Yui and Amy were downloaded to work on costumes. Ayato and a few other girls sat on the floor and painted posters. What other brothers did was a secret, because everyone living in a mansion was in different classes.

- Yui-chan! Do you think we could add other suits?
♪ Like what?
♪ Could we add a traditional school uniform?
♪ I heard that another class had already taken the idea of school uniforms.
♪ What about adding necko-cush?
♪ Why don't we just leave the maids?
- Uhh. Okay. It's a shame that Ayato didn't want to be involved, but in the form of a maid, he'd hit everyone in a dump.
♪ Amy, did you read yoya again?