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A Girl's Witch

Лина ИнверсToday, we're interviewing a girl known in the cospleries, Lina Invers.

She was most aware of the passion of that Lina Invers, the wizard wizard of the Slayers cult animal. Over the past five years, Lina Invers has visited more than a dozen festivals throughout the country, regularly earning prizes and the love of the hall.

♪ What did you think of that character?
♪ Lina looks a lot like me in character, my appearance and complementation are similar to her. In addition, I love magicians, witches and warriors, strong and brave, and I love the fantasy of the worlds in which they live, especially the fantasy based on medieval Europe.

Лина ИНверс, Слеерс♪ How did your engagement begin?
♪ I've been enjoying the conversion of fairy tales and mulphilems to be loved heroes since I was a kid. In the late 1990s, I was a big fan of Sailor Moon. In 2001, I sewed Usagi's school uniform, went to her everyday life, it was pretty funny. The fact that there are festivals and that there's a concept of cospple I learned much later, in 2006, I already had a few Lina suits that I made for the new year and the Halloween parties. I came to Tver at an animal party that I found out about in the paper, there was a rash contest in which I took part and took the first place. Since then, I have been visiting and participating in festivals.
All my suits I'm doing on my own, I've always liked doing creativity, it's a very exciting process.


♪ Except Lina, you're still attached to the elite. How many did you do?
♪ I don't think I'm a big fan of the Lolita style, but I find it pretty nice and interesting, and every girl sometimes wants to be like a doll. I made up and sewed some dresses in this style. I especially like my black dress, Hotty Lolita, and I've invested a lot of labor in it.

Gotic-Lolite. winter 2012

♪ Do you like to act alone or in a big team?
♪ I prefer to act alone or with a small number of people, at best two or three people. Now I have a small cosbend of two men, me and my husband, the cosperer of lastSoul, and he is also the couple of my Lina, Harry. We're also making photonets with our friends if we're doing some sort of common event.

Lina Inverse. Slayers Лина Инверс, Слеерс Алиса в зазеркалье. Алиса в зазеркалье.