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Endless Summer Of The Ulyan Ass

Today, our thematic day is devoted to Ulyana. Our intimidating place.

But to all this, today and her birthday. Of course, in fact, the exact date of the USSR-chan birth is unknown, but the sources indicate September, so I don't think we should wait and congratulate our little girl on her day of harbor.

"SSR-chan (hereinafter the USSR-tan) is the first of the Talisman characters of Tuch. Entered in September 2006, as a character of the Shurya (Nero-Fon).

The exact date of the arrival of the Soviet Union for the time being cannot be fixed, given the absence of the Twč archives for 2006-2007. Existing evidence indicates September 2006. The unknown author edited the Cheruyes (original, Nyorōn Churuya-san, for the authorship of Eretto), adding a negative character on behalf of the Soviet Union. This heroin became the first mascote of Twitch, although it later fell very popular with Twitch and Slave.

In 2008, the USSR-chan became a breeder for Ulyana, the heroin of the visual novels.Endless summerissued in 2013.

The SSR-chan image (most often as a photojab using already available images) is sometimes used for external resources, especially in the context of Soviet attributes."

Also, it's a day of knowledge today, so, congratulations to all the schoolboys and students, your agony has begun again. We fear maline tea, patience, deliciousness, and proudly hold our positions for the next nine months)