Евангелион 01 (5) - Наш Косплей - Форум Evangelion Not End

Evangelion As A Cruple

What's in the program of all the Russian animos festival.

There will be an all-Russian festival of Japanese animation in Voronje. It's been a long time since these events have stopped being gay girls with a change of heart, and it's a show they've been preparing and sewing suits for months. They show films and mult films, lectures and classrooms. In addition, the event is supported by city authorities. The editor knows it'll be interesting at the festival.

Moltfilem Walky and Sheep

On 30 April, a festival will be opened at the Spartacus Film. The Multifilm of the Vizart Animation Volki and sheep will be shown and will meet with his director, Maxim Volkoff.

Space Show

On 1 May, the main event of the festival, the cosple show, will be held in Event Hall. Participants who come from all over Russia, over 300, many take a few suits. It's not just an image of animosity: the whole program is connected to a story, it's going to be theatre and dance. Tickets on a cosple show can be bought here. Price is 400 to 1,300 roubles.


Seminars are scheduled for the next day. They'll talk about the story of animals, the sundreams to them, and the duplicate of Japanese maultyms. It's worth 300 rubles to buy it here.

Bone and photo session

Also on Monday, there's gonna be a suited whiskey show. They'll meet at the Admiralty Square, walk through the Petrovsky Coast to the Chernobyl Bridge and return. After the square near the Spartacus Cinema, a photo session will be arranged for everyone.

Japanese music concert

On Monday, 2 May, live music will be playing at the Acter House. They'll be known in the Animal Districts and sing in Japanese. The concert starts at 6:00, the ticket price is 450 rubles, and we can buy it here.

Animal Night

In the Spartacus movie the whole night of May 1st to 2nd will be animating: in the first room, three parts of the Evangelione will appear in the Russian duplicate, and in the second, three films on Naruto.


A forum exhibition will be held on the final day in the Al Mars Park. Participants from the crusades will sing, sell souvenirs and posters, play games in gossip, have master classes. In addition, you can come and see the cods: the participants will be in costumes again. The entrance is free.

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