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Jeson's Cosple

In Moscow last weekend, the exhibition " Igromir 2014 " was warmed up, in the format of " 3-1 " : it was combined with the annual Conference of Games Designers and Debut Flights of Comic-Con Russia. The triple show set a record not only for the number of visitors, but also for the number of collar cosples who went to the Exhibition Centre, Crocus Expo, to show themselves and look at others. We'll publish the impressions later, and today watch an extensive set of photographs that our correspondents made: Michael Xirurg ChromovMaxim Yohonson Vasilchenko, Andrei Astahov and Rollo.
Let's start, of course, with the crowd. The entire press tried to work on a business-day game when only participants, journalists and VIP roadblockers were allowed to attend the exhibition. On Saturday, the people were added; when the autograph session of the actor Mishi Collins from the supernatural series began in the Comic-Con Hall, the apple was nowhere to fall. Still, the rest of the halls didn't leave the feeling that you'd sneak out of the subway at an hour of peak.

Also, in the Comic-Con Russia Hall, the thematic zone devoted to the universe of Star Wars was laid down. Company Disney Not only did the display of beautiful LEGO models, characters of galaxy sags, were responsibly approached by specially invited cospleters from Poland, who already had a wealth of experience in such flights.

In the vicinity of Star Wars, the characters of Marvel and DC were nominated, both official and not very.

CD Projekt RED, as in the past year, brought a third “to Russia”. This time, Geralt's company was not only his loyal companions, but also a rogatoe of a miracle south that was one of the most popular selphia companions.

Vendors BioShockthe expositioners could meet not only the red twins of Lutesov, but also two versions of the little bazadama and a couple of different locations for Elizabeth. An eagle or a river?