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Furry Cosple

Space - Removing and making the costumes of known characters, mostly on the Conventions. Multhylm heroes, films, animos, comics, books, etc. are often used. The tradition of costumes was born in America, although the word " cosples " came from Japan and sometimes used only in the meaning of animosity suits and the Japanese version of this tradition. The American tradition of suits when the furry community comes out of the gypsy community has moved to the furciuts.

The term cosplay consists of the reduced word "costume play " , which is translated as a " cluster game " . Which means putting into practice the character of a fake work.


In general, the slash can be both in a full suit covering the face (both furchy) and in a mushroom. Initially, the portrayal of abstract and author characters was not considered to be special, except for a new suit, but now they're mostly on Furri Convents and on others only in small quantities, unless the wearer, for some reason, can't or does not want to come into a suitable suit. Exceptions are characters and races of the work of the relevant convention.

The characters ' suits are also found in the Furry Convention, for example, anthrocon could be seen in the Minerva Mink Norma, and in Califur, the Crystal Lis (there are other Crystal Cos who also use the bodipic, but also a lot of those who use the fountains and retractors. The skin of the cospier is concealed by clothing, including retractor, or painted by a mushroom. There may be a mask on the face, but it's not necessary.

The Furry itself, apart from the Furry Conventionts, is visited by other gigs, such as comics, where they like to take photographs and photograph the Furciuts in a heroic environment. Also, American Furry in Furcius likes to hang out in the circle of Klingon trackers, sometimes through joint activities.

Cosple often meets in the MLP:FiM. It's a stolen hair, a wig, and the clothes of the colours involved, as well as a kutimark on the clothing, or it's just ears or sometimes just ears and recognized clothing styles (e.g. rainbows).

Japanese SpringUnlike the Western, there are large requirements for the outer appearance of the cosperer (more than the suit). The cospleer must be with a beautiful face and a figure, otherwise he may be confused for insulting the image by his infamous face and figure. In the west, the opposite is that no one will criticize the cosperer for weight, grow, face, skin colour, and it is estimated, first and foremost, that he has invested in a suit and that he has given the details.