32 косплея которые перенесут весенний аниме сезон 2015 в реальную

History Of Cosle

Owing to the popularity of the codpole in Japan, it is often misleading to assume that cosples are exclusively Japanese or Asian hobbies. The term " cosple " of Japanese origin, but the costume game takes its place in the United States, where it was historically known as costuming, not cosplaying. The main prototype costume of the game is characters of multfilms, anim, video games, films, comics, books, legends and myths.[5] Prototypes can be real-life characters - for example, music stars. The members of the collusion re-establish in detail the base images, emphasizing the quality of the suit, the makeup and the additional attributes of the selected character. The suit is displayed in a defil with a maximum gamble. The suits are usually sewn on their own, but they may also be ordered in a hotel or purchased ready (in Japan, for example, the business of the costumes and the accessories for the cosmeal is very large).