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Фестиваль «СЫР-Кон 2017» в Сыктывкаре объединил поклонников поп-культурыThe third popular culture festival, SHR-Kon 2017, is being held today in Skyković. At the Southor Center, comic fans, TVs, animos are competing in the art of conversion, cosple, lectures on mass culture and games.

Foto Maria Sumeiko

CER-Kon was first held in the Shiktawykur in 2015 in the Yunosha Library of Komi and has since become one of the city ' s largest youth events. First of all, he brings together the fans of modern culture - comic books, shows, animation, mangy, games, science fiction, fantasy and many others.

The third festival, as noted by the organizers, is much larger than the previous one.IMG_1534.jpg The training started in January, attracted more than a dozen partners and sponsors, and about 20 volunteers were used to literate many zones. Over the years of existence, CER-Con has changed two locations: the library first, then the Yun trading centre and now the South. As explained by the organizer of the Oulashov Festival, this has to do with the fact that there is no site in the Scotvivar where such Conventions could be held.

The festival occupied three Southora exhibition halls. In the Zefire Hall, guests and participants met a comic-market where comics and attributes could be purchased, such as mugs, badges, magnets and T-shirts.IMG_1501.jpg There's a coffee bar, a class shop, and a skatch-market where artists work.

The Silver Hall has placed the main areas of the festival: the stage where youth music teams were present during the day, competitions and performances were held, a number of desktop and video games and a photoson.

The Yunosha Library ' s comic book club has organized a recreational area within the framework of the CER-Con, where graphical novels can be read in a calm environment.

The festival was painted and he was given a special atmosphere by thematic exhibitions: aphis and posters of film comics, original drawings from the festival and even whole design work from the students of the College of Arts, such as the four-page comic comics on Yirkapa's comics.

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