Red Spray

RED SONJACospi-Biography: Red fury
There's a lot of conventions around the world, but is there a one that can be bragged by the fact that it's not a separate sphere that isn't separate from the Fendoma, but just one single character? For such an extraordinary event to happen, it is necessary that the character be used as a formidable popularity. This is the Red Sonya, which was dedicated to the 1976 SonjaCon Convention in New Jersey.

Red Sonia is probably one of the most popular characters that cosples play. First, we'll figure out the origin of a redheaded warrior whose roots go quite far.

Robert Howard, first of all, is associated with his primary child, Conanwar. He wrote a lot of good works that in the literature acquired a cult status.RED SONJA One of these is the historical prose of the Stern of Station, reporting the siege of Vienna by Turks in 1529. One of the main actors is Sonia's cabin, the luto of invisible Turks and their sultans, because the Sultanche is her own sister, legendary Rocksolana. In those days, taking the girls tour was a common phenomenon, some of them became very powerful barrels.

At the beginning of the seventieth year, on the wave of success of the comics of Conan Roy Thomas, a new character was introduced. It wasn't hard to guess, it was Red Sonya. The Russian man, of course, has a spell in the words, and an English-speaking man for hearing, too.RED SONJA The words "sonya" and "sonja" differ in only one letter, but they do the same. It all started with some Allan, a fan of Howard's creativity and his one-timer, writing in a fenzin to a writer, "AMRA." In the letter, he admired Sonia's braces from the Teny of Station, adding that she would be a great companion to all the famous kimmerian. Fan's idea was quickly captured in Marvel's publication and implemented in ConantheBarbarian #23 comic. And the red-haired... It's not been a year, and the character has become so popular that it's a solo comedian.RED SONJA It was a little bit of a cosmelt on the comic convention.

By adapting the comic Sonia, clever Roy Thomas, to circumvent the copyright laws, originally changed the name of the SonYa and SonJa. Despite this, in the 2000s, Paradox, the owner of Robert Howard ' s legacy filed DynamiteComics in court for using its character without any harmonization. At the end of the day, the parties came to a world agreement and did not put forward special requirements.


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