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Short Hair Spray

Moscow awarded awards Laureates of the Black Forest festival. The award is based on the great artist Oleg Yankowski. And if this calendar day, 32 May, is a pure fantasy, the award is awarded for achievements not just real but outstanding.

Last weekend in Czech capital, Prague, it was delicious. Culinary competition. The pancreas from across the country showed the wonders of their sweet art. They even gave it a try.

The main contest was the creation of real masterpieces, wedding cakes. The smell of sweets, fruits, chocolates and vanilla led juries, contestants and viewers crazy. But if the first ones were used to such aromaths, the viewers were prepared to erode the competitive meal without waiting for the final.

Megacon 2013 - regular Festival (Great costumes) whose participants don't stop surpriseing the audience with their imagination and learning in the most amazing images.

There's a lot of improvised costumes and traffic details on the megaconvention.com stock site, and there are several photographs in this post. ♪ ♪