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Natsu Sausage

The festival of Japanese summer Natsu Matsuri will be held in the Tbilisi Park of Mtazminda on 22 and 23 July.

Natsu Matsuri has been held in the Georgian capital since 2015 and has gathered Japanese culture fans. Traditionally, the organization of the festival is the Japan Language and Culture Centre.

This year ' s main event will be a swing competition. Cosple (Angl. costume play - "costomated game" - dressing of famous characters and making these costumes. It's a hobby like a mascara, very popular in Japan. The festival organizes gambling and photozones where it is possible to become gay or samurai, as well as horizons and fairs with original manual products, and reports to the Satellite - Georgia.

In addition, the Natsu Matsury program is tea ceremonies, Japanese songs and viera and umbrella dances and other performances.

This year the organizers of the festival are preparing some innovations. Among them, Taiko but Tatsujin is a series of video games involving anthropomorphic drums, as well as the creation of a three-metre picture with Japanese motives by Nino Pichazze.