Стимпанк – косплей и немного фан-арта. Часть 3

Punch Photo 18

Gagromy 2017 is approaching, and Maxim Wals can't stand by!
We're playing two tickets to the exhibition on Saturday 30 September!
Conditions for participation are:
1. To be in the group of Maxim Wals;
2. Reverse the record on the page.

2 winners will be selected randomly on 9 September.

For Maxime's cosples, she's running a best suit contest!
Put your picture in the suit with the xashtag #MaximaCosplay, sat in the Maxim Hotel (on special IGROMIR) and get a chance to win a room in Lukes for any weekend until December 2018, as well as a gift certificate in 1C Interes for 2,000 roubles.
The winner will be selected on 2 October.
Everyone participating in the competition is pleasant:
- A map of the honorary guest of EXCLUSIVE, which discounts all hotel services;
♪ A cup of beating coffee and a delicious muffin.

Also, the Maxim Wish Moscow Hotels Network has prepared a special offer for visitors and exhibition participants!
In our hotels, everything you need for comfort will be arranged for you.
♪ Hot, delicious breakfast to refuel all day
♪ Transfer to the exhibition so as not to push public transport
- A high-speed Wi-Fi to download everything you've been able to take off at the exhibition, or simply to share with friends.

* The tickets will be expected by the winners at the Maxim Zar's hotel

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