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Photo: RIA East Media - Anastasia Piankova

Artificial translators gathered to show the rituals of the beloved heroes from the anim, the Mults of Disney.

The festival is designed for three days, the saturated programme, in addition to the main part, is involved in breaks in photo sessions, communicates and shares impressions. It's a hobby that connects not only children but students and even adults.

The audience attracts a variety of hero costumes in the 20s and 1990s, as well as modern popular films and maulths. For example, on Saturday, a black dress with deep decolt was robbed by Elvira, the master of darkness from the 1980s. Another, no less known character of that time, is the maulty wife of a rabbit from the film, "Who set up Roger's rabbit?

" This year we have the anniversary, tenth festival, so we spend three days instead of the usual two. The crucifix is that each of us has favorite heroes - whether film, multilm, anim or heroes of computer games. On the basis of our enthusiasm, we prepare costumes that are completely similar to the original. At the festival, we're playing the theater suit, pretending to be a character we love from all sides. When we first started, the festival was more focused on the anim, we had severe restrictions, only those who took Asian sources were animos, mango and others. But at the fifth event, they decided to give the participants more simplicity and called a slash festival. Overwatch's computer game is very popular this year, and it's also on our players. But there are eternal heroes, e.g., from the 1999 Animal One Piece or Naruto of 2002. The cospiters are competing not to get prizes, but, above all, work for their popularity. We work with the Japan Center, they choose the guys who go to their big festivals, and they give us the opportunity to show themselves, and they told the editor-in-law representative of the Marina Dybova festival.