Quality Assets

There must be no more people in the world who don't know what it is. Red suits, interesting images and technical solutions, magic photographs shared with the community, all of which are truly imagining. Today, we've prepared something really interesting for the cosples of all fends and levels of skill.

We are happy to announce the launch of a new competition, the Legends Cosple League, the main prize of which will be 25 trips to Moscow to participate in a grand show and a cosple defil League of Legends to a multi-sized hall on a big scene. ComicCon Russia 2015!

The following difficult conditions must be met to participate in the competition:

  • Leave the application for the competition, before 16 August inclusive;
  • Wait for a formal response from the Riot Games team confirming your e-mail address as listed in the registration questionnaire;
  • Spare all the necessary materials to create your new suit for the League of Legends champion;
  • Run!

For a few weeks, we will select the best jobs that we will be happy to share in all our official channels, the League of Legends, and we will award the winners a memorable and honourable prize to ComicCon Russia 2015.

In addition, the winners will be 5,000 RP The Russian-language server ' s record, as well as a special set of Riot Games cosple, to which:

  • The unique plaque of the Convenor with the symbol League of Legends;
  • An asshole League of Legends;
  • A unique bracelet of Legends.

We draw your attention to the fact that a new suit from the universe League of Legends is the key to the competition, especially for the "Leto Cosple League of Legends." In other words, you need to create a brand-new suit for you that you haven't shown anywhere, including in photo sessions. We'll check! The sand can be done at any League of Legends champion in any way. Another prerequisite is the availability of qualitative photographs of your suit. Professional cameras will be a great bonus for you! Pay attention to your photographs letter! Letters with or without error will not be considered. One suit from one cospier.