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Unsuccessful Joint

Last year, the festival of modern Japanese culture (and not only) Higan celebrated the anniversary - 10 years. So, in early October 2016, there was another festival, Higan-2016. On the weekend, 8 and 9 October, the Meensk concert hall turned into a distinctive Fill of the famous Tokyo, Akihabara.

It is true that the comparison of the Japanese theme festivals with the "fucking bag" (as sometimes referred to as the area) is quite frequent and probably not the best. At the same time, it's the first association that arises when you look at it. Of course, for a non-possessed observer, this kind of event resembles the "gikovic parties" they saw in Big Bang Theory.

Perhaps the "foreign observer" thing might actually seem strange - like adults, but it's changed to characters of cartoons, comics and games. On the other hand, you don't have to judge people for their involvement. Besides, the crucifix is more complicated than a banal costume show.

Those who prefer to criticize participants like Hygan are missing one important thing, focusing only on the outside. But it's just one side of the question. Indeed, for many to know Japan ' s culture (both modern and traditional) begins, often with anim (such as ninja or samurai films, which were so popular in the 1980s-90s).

There are several further development options. But most often, like any other phenomenon, either a person remains indifferent or infiltrated, gradually trying to deepen into Japan. "Higan" is not a gift called the Japanese culture festival, because for many, "Multics" tends to learn the culture, traditions, language and other things associated with the Wonderland.

The main phenomenon with which such activities are associated is the already mentioned cosple. In the simplest sense (and the most common) the crutch is "getting into character." But you can't say the suit plays everything. Indeed, the right suit is important - a lot of options can be found on the network when the suit is terrible and the cosple itself, in a mild way, does not match the character chosen. It's enough to put in a search to write an "unexperienced slash." It looks like a joke to see other options.