Death note / тетрадь смерти * Косплей по аниме ~ Cosplay on anime

Death Note

Изображение с названием Cosplay As Light from Death Note Step 1Watch your face. Lith's specialty is he's almost always calm and balanced. Try to keep the look on your face, not evil, but not fun. Do the negligent hair.Изображение с названием Cosplay As Light from Death Note Step 4 Keep your figure in good condition and make sure that your C.I.T. (both mass index) fluctuates between 16.7 and 17.0, otherwise you'll be either under-age or full.

Take care of your identity. Light always chooses the most reasonable solution, a solution that will lead to the desired result. Don't leave anything out of sight, and try to control the situation all the time. If you want to be closer to Kira's image, you should be able to lie. Use to do things that contradict moral standards for "higher justice." You must not suffer conscience, even if you get rid of other people. They're just obstacles.Изображение с названием Cosplay As Light from Death Note Step 5 Nevertheless, if you're closer to the image of Late yourself, you must do something differently, always be guided by your moral principles and treat all people well, including those you don't like.

Be confident. Always try to win, and don't recognize the battles. If you lose, find a way to compare the score. Don't show your anger to the surroundings, but don't put it inside. Forgive the enemy so that no one knows what you did. If you stick to Late's image, not Kira, express your self-esteem openly. When someone insults you, you can let the fists out.