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Light Animosities

анимешники аниме


Animé (animonyms, cospiters) was named on behalf of the animation paintings that are called animos in everyday speech. Animé (from Animation - animation) - Japanese animation. Often, the age category of animosses is 12 to 25 years, but it is also possible to meet 40 years of age.


In contrast to the maulths of other countries, which are intended for small audiences, the anim was initially created for an adolescent and adult audience, and this is the result of which a large audience gained.

Animal history began at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Japanese film directors started experimenting in multiplying.анимешнки аниме Osama Tedzuk, who many know as the kingdom of anim and manga, is the cornerstone of the modern anim. Manga is Japanese comics.

Tinagers' psychic, including anim. the most popularimagination helps to develop the vision. That's how the culture of animosity, which seeks to repeat in real life what they saw on the screen.

The methods used by the animos to live in real life seem very simple at first, but the animists are very careful and respectful. These methods include the creation of different texts, the drawing, and also the drawing of cosples. Risks most commonly in Japanese manga style, which can be translated into Russian as " light tips "

Cosple is a human being moving characters from anim to a real life, that is, in addition to copying the suit, there's a copy of the manners, makeup, speech, hair and, in general, everything. The cospiter should be able to copy his hero not only externally but also internally. It's a very important moment for them.

What's the ideology of animos?

As strange as it may be, the animosexuals have no ideology, but it is also strange that the proliferation of specific slangs, which is Japanese, has been converted into a Russian manner, which is the example of some:

" Box " is a fool, a fool;

Kawai is sweet, lovely;

Koochi is scary, scary;

"Neko" is a Japanese cat, most often referred to as people moving into cats;

“Naeko”, a cat mechanics (Russian meow), is used by “nacko” personnel (initial)It's usually female characters.);

анимешнки аниме анимешнки аниме

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