Русский косплей. Фоторепортаж. Ридус

Russian Slash Of Animos

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From the PP-Online Artome Chernov Photographer:

I think it's important to be familiar with this project to realize that you're not facing an art-project of a marginal single model (as can be seen when you're out of sight), but a subculture, the attraction of many young people, a world in which they prefer to leave the yards of the old cartilage, a local social phenomenon. It's not that they like sewing. It's because they need a parallel reality. Like many of us, I guess.

From the author, Maria Kojanova:

I call a series of pictures. "Acquired alienation." The draft outlines the generation of Russian youth, which was born in a time when a well-organized society and a credible image of the individual ceased to be a concern of an ideological (totalitarian) State. All myths and dreams that were the driving force for past generations were destroyed. Our generation has come to a modern world of absolute nagime (in the sense of ideologies). At this point, without finding the backbone of society and the lack of strength to create a new ideology by ourselves, we have taken the necessary steps to develop and define ourselves in other more established cultures.

The cosple that came to us from Japan has become a great replacement, presenting a new world of perfect and because of the pernicious heroes. And most importantly, he had the opportunity to turn himself into them.