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April's About The Straw

Covered textCandidates on the crown. Careful, erotics!:

Lila Turanga from Futurama

Sex commander of the Interplant Express ship. A little naive, likes animals, a good friend. Her sexuality doesn't have to be doubted.

ElastiGirl from SuperSemia
A beautiful woman who stretches his body like you can only come into your head can't be sexy. It was impossible to deny her.

Chel-road to Eldoredo
Her name is Chel. Beautiful with a nice face and a fantastic round-up! It's a very sexy and attractive image.
We'll forgive her without a swimsuit. They haven't invented yet. ♪ ♪

Cheap and Dale.
Well, you should've had sex with the young generation. But there are amateurs. But nice, nuts... Come on! We've got these bunks!

Wilma Flinstone-Flinstone.

The first word of beauty could not have been put into a competition... But it's really beautiful.

Sexy-Multiple Trip
It would be unfair not to invite an android specially created for sexual comfort. Although Babette and Two were at risk. Well, that's another story. ♪ ♪

April O’Neil-
She's smart, she's in journalism, and she's always out of all sorts of trouble. And she also looks so effective in her suit.Candidate from Single Strange)

Princess- Bremen musicians
External: young, long-distance, blonde. It's a great pleasure to see her wrapping around the air, flying vein or dancing.
Moral qualities: renounced the crown for true love. Fair and uncompromising.
Origin: Don't forget she's still a princess.
And then it's the most unorthodox image of the princess in Soviet maulty. Not just Soviets.
(Principal justification and two))

Marge Simpson! - Simpsons.
A decent special film for a Playboy magazine that put it not only on the cover but also on the turn!
It looks great. Don't tell me to look at her in her simple green dress and with red beans on her neck. ♪ ♪

Shtilka-Osoka-Star Wars
A nice girl from Togruta. Very sympathetic. Fun and fearless. But she's a Jedi!

Felix Hardy.