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Hatsune Miku Ash

Fantastic peace with elves, animos and myst heroes appeared in the Gurzouf Sanatorium.

The UMICON Festival continues to carry out its joint mission and on 6 August, Gurzouf met even more heroes of comics, anim, films and computer games.

Strange cospiers

Our adventure started an hour, approaching the Gurzouf Sanatorium, where the event took place, we saw the most unusual people. With colored lens, paint wigs and amazing costumes. Cosples were literally acting weird. Either it's a very good image, or it's just a normal behavior for animists, computer games and comics.

"I made the whole suit myself!"

♪ It's my personal project, it's just a fake. The evil faces I made out of the plate first, then I poured these forms of hypox. Hand painted and attached the details, the suit was wearing it. All work

Alexander's suit

To live in a hero

But a good suit is just part of the case, for completeness of the image, a man has to take all the habits and the manners of a hero. To live in his skin all day. The UMICON participants were all 100 per cent of the total, feeling a healthy competition from adversaries.


The festival lasted all day, so the heroes were offered by the symferopoly company, which provided an opportunity to eat imported food from Japan, although prices were high. And yet, it was great to watch the "animal" girls who, after both cheeks, fired a Japanese noodles, chewing bears, and all of it was a coconut drink.

Japanese food

5 coolest images

No. 1 Ada Siva

♪ I made my suit out of a few others, and I had to look for a lot of the same hands, and I've lost my horns. I'm not gonna reveal all the secrets. But if there is a desire and imagination