Дедпул против Кайло Рена

Kylo Rents A Splash

седьмой эпизодHappy New Year, my friends! Before I entered the holidays, I promised you two things. First of all, talk about episode 7 Star Wars. Second, tell me what ways to ruin the script except for those mentioned. But when I saw "Employment of Force," I realized JJ Abrams gave me a new year's gift, and I can tell you how to deal with the scenario to block even the most winning idea.

Don't rush to throw tomatoes at me, if you liked the movies, I was just about to argue my point of view.

хан соло и принцесса леяYou and I agreed that for a good scenario, we need a imaginary content, interesting heroes and an original story. We're checking a new film on the list. There has been no such thing as a check since New Hope. In the heroes, we have a single bold girl from the desert planet and a rebel storm will come. Under this item, check. Original story... There's a total failure with him.

The story of the seventh episode is completely sympathized with the old parts of the cycle, so it's foreseeable. Apparently, it's not a fight to please the fans, Jay Abrams didn't come up with anything new, nothing.звездные войны эпизод седьмой The only original move is to make one of the heroes a former assaulter. Judge yourself: The action begins on a deserted poor planet where the talented poor heroin of looting imperial military equipment lives. No, the planet isn't called Tatuin, but it doesn't matter, because under the hand, it's just a piece of valuable information, and that kind of thing is hunted by the Empire... You're the worst, Supreme Order, but what difference does it make if it's the same Empire, just the easy editing?

There's a movie and a space bar that plays, drinks and swims with savage aliens, and there's a place to be taken from previous episodes. There's a Master Yoda, and a padium on Darth Vader with the Emperor Palpatine... And even the new Death Star! And that's what this movie doesn't have, it's an original story and an understandable motivation of characters.