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Leon Kennedy Spring

Resident Evil Cosplay
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Resident Evil - A series of computer games from Capcom. The main creator is Sinji Mikami, who was inspired by George Romer's films, in particular "Live Deads." The first game was launched in 1996, but continues to evolve to date. Apart from the game itself, a very long series of comedians, several books and five screens came out.

Jill Valentine - the main heroin of the first part of Resident Evil. The original acts as S.T.A.R.S. According to subsequent developments, Jill leaves the infected Racoon City and becomes a field operative of the BSAA paramilitary group to the United Nations. Out of character characteristics: blue top, blue belt and dark mini skirt.

Ada Wong is the most popular character in the world. The first appearance is marked by the events of the fourth part of the game, where Ada acts as assistant to Leon Kennedy. The sample includes a short haircut, a long red dress and a dark neck blindfold.