Megumin cosplay

Shuragin As A Megumin

This young schoolgirl from Ulianovska learned the whole country in February 2017 thanks to the transfer of The Words with Andrei Malakov. Right after the air, she literally woke up by a star, so popular the programme exit. It's been written by millions of bloggers and media, and her story has been discussed everywhere.
Since then, her name has been rumoured, and she's already been over many singers and television hosts. It's true that black pyre is a powerful thing. And even now that Diane Shuragina's recent news from official sources is very rare, millions of fans are searching for some information about her every day in social media.
On our website, any news and rumours about Shuragin will be published quickly, which will come anywhere. We're pretty sure it could be faety gossip because every rumor is unreal. Monitor updates and new publications.