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Xenia Selkova Slash

It's no secret to anyone that in Russia there's just a large number of great cospiers, so there's nothing surprising that Igromira's just an inaccurate “transfer” of very many characters. However, some of them were so good that their pictures from the runway had reached the Western press.

For example, Kotaku was unable to pass through the fabulous Margery Tirell of the popular Game of the Sees, which is known as Xenia Shelkovsky. It's almost impossible to distinguish a girl from Natalie Dormer, who plays the role of Margery in the show. As Xenia itself admitted, this hyphc has already passed the entire Internet, and her corresponding photonet has now appeared on a large number of foreign portals, although the original version of this image was more than a year ago.

A lot of people can say that cosples have been so successful because of Ksenia's external similarity to an English actress and a good suit, but all magic is in her acting skills - a girl learns to replicate Margery's favourite pos in turn and even her brand-new snatchle!