Галерея Эльфийка в волшебном лесу - косплей от QQ Immortals

Fantesy As A Crucifix

Айк ВарданянThere's a lot of big names and future stars in space, but a lot of simple fans who have been involved in the rebuilding of loved heroes after another fantastic festival. These include the Peterburg Cosple of Christine Les, whose work we're bringing to your attention.

Where did your involvement begin?

Like many cosples, I've come to this fascination through animosity I've been introduced to by a single group. Then I heard about the crutch. But I first encountered him at the AVA Expo Pieter Festival when he was in a little DC. There I saw. Animal coles Ouran High School Host Club is on Mauri and Hani's character. I was so admired that after the exhibition, I contacted the girl who sprained Hani. We started talking, so I got into this world. She helped me pick a character and told me how it worked.

What did you get into the crotch? There were favorite books, comics, universes?

Yeah, I've always loved to get into some fantastic world. In school years, she read different magazines, full of comic books and drawings of all fantes. I forgot my name, but I remember trying to turn myself into someone with a handwriting.

Then I started to watch horror movies, play F.E.A.R., Silent Hill, read Stephen King... Horror is still one of my favorite genres. But my interests are not exhausted. Every universe has something attractive, unique.

There's a feeling that the role play is as important as the complex suit. What do you think about that?

There's different opinions, but I think that a good play in the cod is one of the main ingredients along with the suit. Many fight cosples for lack of emotion. You can't forget the character. Personally, I'm trying to accurately convey the feelings of my heroes, although it's difficult for me to do so.

How do you make fun of your work and personal life?

Times are hard, but enough. Because if you want something really bad, you can do it by forgetting you're tired. As long as circumstances and finances are available, why don't you spend time on a favorite hobby that brings pleasure?

Sometimes you have to sacrifice something. I'm studying at night on weekends, working 24 hours in two, and as long as I'm able to combine work, study and fascination, the most important thing is to plan everything in advance.

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